my princess and my pea

my princess and my pea
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break

So today was the first day of my daughters spring break. What an awesome day! It was over 80 degrees here in Va. You would think, with weather like this my eleven year old would be itching to go outside! Think again, I took her and the baby to the park and she chose to stay in the car and read while we played. I remember as a kid I hated being indoors! Times have changed alot since I was a kid.
That being said, a few projects got finished this morning. Some baby shower gifts for a person on my registry. And a bag someone ordered. I have about 5 things to finish up tomorrow and a few things for friends (who are sweet and always allow me to put them at the bottom of the list)
Tomorrow is not supposed to be nearly as nice so I will probably get it all done!

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