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my princess and my pea
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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Diaper Wipe Cases

Recently a friend of mine was babysitting a ten month old, and in this little girls diaper bag was this amazing diaper wipe case. So my friend thought, hey you could make these! I really didnt want to, I have a lot of items in my store and dont want to have to many projects going! But after the third person asked me to make one, I decided to try one. My first one, to be honest, ended up in the trash. It was a hot mess. The second one, is adorable, my finer details are not so great. and my pictures (for once) make it look better than it is. But its mine, has my little guys name on it. And really, I think kinda cute. So heres to peer pressure...

so what do you think? I must say for an item I didnt want to make, I have three orders waiting to be filled!

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